the winter vacation

Today is the first day of the winter vacation.I also started the first day without industry.But the feeling I have is at rest nuskin 如新.

Come over here, there appears to be no real rest.Each Friday the hurried back from Panyu, Foshan, Sunday and drive past.Although the Guangfo City, but more than 1 hours of the subway, always sit me crazy.I was joking got their “Metro demented cell phone covers“.

Yesterday, express luggage has arrived, all day busy packing up to cook, peas, then watched him hurry to work overtime.I went to the library from the living room to the bedroom, turn to.Afternoon sleep to 4 points, up while he was doing on the internet.I suddenly thought of the pack in time, I don’t have to go to Panyu, don’t have to take things in the past weekend, then come back with clothes to wash.The cognitive, unexpectedly let me good mood, sing computer embroidery factory.

don’t worry

Whether love, or friendship, the ultimate purpose is not the destination, but the tacit understanding.Person’s life, can obtain the unity of body and mind have a beginning and an end to end all feelings, rare and precious opportunity.Most people never get a match.But in the face of a realistic and mechanical maintenance division.Two people together is not compatible loneliness, sometimes much stronger than a man.The noisy excitement doesn’t mean you very full, often a lot of people around but no one understand you, is the most empty.In fact, when alone, I don’t feel lonely and empty cold, listening to the music have a look book walking tours of flowers would feel comfortable life.But cannot understand each other, there is no common language cannot resonate with people, you will be more lonely.If a man can not be distributed and shared their energy to others, will lose connection, feel the lack and isolatedhk Google seo.

Just a friend asked what I’m going to have this year, I’ll tell you the truth, No.He said I decadent.Later I still very motivated, fruit assertion, I plan to go to chengdu.He asked to go to Chengdu do.In fact, I was wondering, I heard Mr. Cao’s little Chow haven’t found, I’m going to work, looking for the dogstacking cubes.

Although human words, deliberately looking for is not found, the world of all things came and went, has his time.But I always believe, you want, time will give you, don’t worrypaint brushes.

So tired today

Last night I caught up with my friend and she bought us a macaroon each and a piece of orange cake and coffee. I drank the coffee. But the cake and coffee…while she was getting them I could feel the anxiety building up. I’l walked a lot and gone to the gym and ate heaps of pureed apple but nothing else and didn’t want to wreck it with sugar but equally didn’t want to seem ungrateful (or eating disordered) and so I put some serviettes (aka napkins in american talk) on my lap and as soon as she laughed or shut her eyes or gazed away for a second I’d drop the food onto my lap until it gradually all went. I had to have one or two little nibbles of course so that it looked like I was eating. Then I threw it in my bag and disposed of it afterwards.

UNfortunate I barely slept last night because of the coffee. But I love coffee so much. So tired today which make me not as resilient as normal.