the winter vacation

Today is the first day of the winter vacation.I also started the first day without industry.But the feeling I have is at rest nuskin 如新.

Come over here, there appears to be no real rest.Each Friday the hurried back from Panyu, Foshan, Sunday and drive past.Although the Guangfo City, but more than 1 hours of the subway, always sit me crazy.I was joking got their “Metro demented cell phone covers“.

Yesterday, express luggage has arrived, all day busy packing up to cook, peas, then watched him hurry to work overtime.I went to the library from the living room to the bedroom, turn to.Afternoon sleep to 4 points, up while he was doing on the internet.I suddenly thought of the pack in time, I don’t have to go to Panyu, don’t have to take things in the past weekend, then come back with clothes to wash.The cognitive, unexpectedly let me good mood, sing computer embroidery factory.