The experience for everything

Now both of us truly believe that the opportunity to live in Switzerland does not come up twice in a lifetime. Heck it doesn’t come up once in a lifetime for a lot of people. We told very few people. Unlike the last time Switzerland was on the table, we told everyone. This time we were keeping it to ourselves for the most part. I’ll never forget when I told my friend Michelle though, she said the following, “I’m going to talk like you are going because these things aren’t put in someones life path twice for them not to happen.” She spoke the truth.

We found out on a Thursday morning. June 30th. July 1st we spent celebrating Canada Day with friends. We both quit our jobs that Monday. And began only what we can describe as a sprint to the finish line. My mother flew in from the east coast to help us pack. Friends, family and in one case a total stranger took most of worldly possessions off our hands. What wasn’t pillaged was put into storage. We arrived in Switzerland with 4 suitcases, a backpack each and my derby gear. My dad met us in Toronto and helped us our first 5 days here.

We never got sit of telling people where we were off to. We still aren’t sick of it. The reactions were a combination of amazement, sadness and excitement. Amazed at where we were going. Sad we were leaving and excited for our future.

We landed here on July 30th. We have 2 weeks to find a place to live. John celebrated 30 the day before he started his new job and we both learned to depend on the kindness of strangers.

We fully realize everything we will be missing in Canada. Our family, our friends, our familiar haunts. Our nieces first birthday. Our godsons first birthday. Our goddaughters fourth birthday. Parties. Friends. Family gatherings. Derby shenanigans. All of that. But we wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world.