country road

have i mentioned how much i love love love living here on the wink? yeah……….


sunny day today–high of 38, a little rain, sleet, snow coming overnight and into tomorrow morning. very little accumulation expected Comelow.

i got up early today! 6:30 am. i have been so lazy the last week or so, so when jeff got up to put the trash out (we put it out every few weeks and we can’t put it out the night before because of the wild things) i jumped up and got with it! it was nice to watch the sun come up, it was a pretty sunrise international SEO.

walked 2 miles. i went out intending to walk 3 miles and tackle the BIG hill, but my sciatica was numbing my right foot, so i stuck with the 2 miles. i haven’t been walking as much as i should lately because of the weather and about a million other stupid excuses i could come up with. i’ve just been lazyhome organizers.

jeff and i went down to jeff, sarah, and ethans for the afternoon. when we got there ethan was sleeping so i cleaned the bathroom and did the dishes. my daughter in law understands that i wouldn’t do it if i didn’t want to so she doesn’t say a word. hahaha. did i ever mention that i have OCD? yeah…… i’m also a crazy handwasher, but i’m getting better about it. yeah plastic storage drawers……

we took the snow blower down there because jeff jr. has been shoveling the snow because they just moved in a few months ago and they can’t afford a snowblower until next winterNo 1 Phone Case. so his driveway/turnaround area has been getting narrower and smaller all winter. they have little bitty car so he was just doing enough to get in and out. so the boys got the snow under control again–good father/son bonding time.

i got to spend a couple hours with ethan after he woke up. he is just a wonderful and sweet little boy. he is beginning to be very vocal and i do believe he is beginning to say “dada”. today he even snuggled down onto my shoulder when i was holding him–i think thats the first time he’s done that.

Would You Commit Treason?

Treason against your country is considered the highest of crimes. It is a capital crime, punishable by death, and can be sentenced by a court martial and sentenced without appeal or trial by jury. The label of traitor is among the most offensive that can be applied to a citizen.

To be willing to commit treason is to reject the idea of loyalty to one’s nation in favor of another loyalty, whether loyalty to self-advancement or loyalty to some ideal by which the actions of the nation can be judged.

Now imagine this scenario: You are a citizen of a nation at war. You believe in the war, in your leaders and in the rightness of your cause. As the war drags on, a deadly disease strikes first your troops, and then your citizens. As a matter of national security, this disease is quarantined and kept top secret, and most of the population is unaware of its existence. Still, it spreads easily, and kills at a prodigious rate: a full 2/3 of those infected die (as compared to the 1/3 mortality rate of the Black death), and of those who survive, there is no real recovery: they simply remain ill indefinitely.

Fortunately, an unlikely discovery yields an unexpected cure. Soon, the disease is stamped out among your nation’s soldiers and citizens, though now your nation is at an overwhelming disadvantage against your enemy, whose troops have not been touched by the disease.

Until you learn that your national leaders have deliberately planted the disease among your enemy’s major cities and military bases. The disease has not been quarantined (as it was in your nation), and is rapidly spreading beyond your enemy’s borders. Soon, instead of being the weakest military in the world, your nation will have the strongest military. As such, the nature of the cure is a top national secret, known only to a handful of people. You are one of those people.

i love the solitude

after leaving miami we were at sea for over two days. i tried to go on the cruise with an open mind, however…….

i live in the woods because i choose to. i love the solitude. i never have a desire to be around crowds of people or to visit cities.

the ship was a floating city. of eating, drinking, smoking, gambling people.

sounds like fun, huh?

oh, and not to mention all of the exposed skin of all of the middle aged saggy people–men and women alike.

i did enjoy the sun and the not cooking, but after about 5 days, we kinda got sick of the eating.

first island stop was st.thomas u.s. virgin islands. a noisy, smelly city. we took an excursion to a beach on Magens Bay. it was nice, but crowded and not enough time

vacation 2after leaving miami we were at sea for over two days. i tried to go on the cruise with an open mind, however…….

i live in the woods because i choose to. i love the solitude. i never have a desire to be around crowds of people or to visit cities.

the ship was a floating city. of eating, drinking, smoking, gambling people.

sounds like fun, huh?

oh, and not to mention all of the exposed skin of all of the middle aged saggy people–men and women alike.

i did enjoy the sun and the not cooking, but after about 5 days, we kinda got sick of the eating.

first island stop was st.thomas u.s. virgin islands. a noisy, smelly city. we took an excursion to a beach on Magens Bay. it was nice, but crowded and not enough time

i don’t believe i will ever need to visit this island again. too commercial.

i know i’m sounding critical, and i am, but i also am very grateful that i was able to do this. it was an experience and i learned a lot about traveling and i will travel more from now on.

Serving size is a head game

It’s no wonder many people find it hard to understand the serving sizes specified on food labels.

Are the labels telling us what an average serving size is supposed to be? Or is the amount specified purely arbitrary, or even engineered to make a food look healthier than it would be if consumed in “real-world” portions?

Even more mysterious are the reasons why we don’t do a better job choosing the right serving sizes for our bodies when we’re putting food on our plates.

The body is a precise machine. It knows exactly what to do with the food we put into it. If we’re eating more than we’re using, it stores the rest. If we’re eating too little, it consumes stored energy. It’s ingenious, really, and we should be grateful for that.

So, “Why do I serve myself more food than I need?” Unfortunately, the mind is not as precise as the body. The mind can be fooled by signals in the environment, such as the mountains of appetising foods on buffets.

There are many factors involved in a person’s appetite that can lead overserving. It’s not a simple matter of willpower. But once you know what kinds of things influence you to reach for more food than you need, you will be better able to zero in on the culprits and start giving your body more of what it actually needs instead of what you think it needs.

Here are some factors that can influence you to reach for larger portions than your body needs:

- Family history: Perhaps while growing up you saw family members piling the food on their plates. So you think that’s normal. To serve yourself smaller portions than your family did might make you feel deprived and leave you wanting more. Food habits learned at an early age can explain why you serve yourself too much today.

- Societal norms: Portions shown on advertisements and served in restaurants have increased in size tremendously through the years. Every time we’re shown or served larger portions than our body needs, it influences what we, as a society, consider normal portions.

- Mood: Of course food makes us feel good. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t eat and we wouldn’t thrive. So, when we’re having emotional difficulties (such as stress, depression, loneliness or anxiety), we might tend to look for comfort in all the wrong places. Naturally, we choose rich comfort foods, not cellery sticks. Seeking comfort in food can easily lead to choosing larger portions.

- Size: People can easily fool themselves into thinking that they’re serving themselves the proper amount because they’re eating foods that are small in size. For example, nuts pack a lot of calories into a small package. You might grab a handful thinking it’s a small portion when it actually isn’t. More concerning are highly processed foods that are also small and have little nutrition.

- Fill factor: Many people end up eating larger portions, because they tend to eat foods that are low in fibre. They learn through experience that just one doughnut, for example, isn’t going to give them a full feelling, so they grab more than one.

- Hunger levels: Letting your hunger become ravenous is a no-win situation. Even the best of us can’t fight the drive to eat larger amounts when we allow hunger to get to an extreme.

The benefits of fruit

There’s a new group of superfruits set to amp up our health. Karen Fittall looks at three of these nutritional powerhouses.


Native to China, lychees keep proving their worth as a fruity superstar that may help fight the visceral fat which increases heart disease and diabetes risk, as well as going on the attack against breast cancer cells. A French study also revealed that, compared to 24 common fruits, lychees contain polyphenols (chemicals that act as antioxidants), at levels second only to strawberries. Choose firm, ripe fruit – look for red not green skin – that’s free of decay at the stem.


While researchers have previously proven passionfruit’s anti-cancer effect, Japanese scientists say a compound called piceatannol, found in large quantities in passionfruit seeds, promotes the collagen synthesis that’s crucial for healthy skin. Earlier this year, piceatannol was also lauded for its potential to promote weight loss by interfering with fat-cell development. To get more seeds for your buck, choose fruit that feels heavy in your hand and where the skin is free of blemishes and excessive wrinkling.


This fruit has been shown to have a positive effect on cholesterol, with recent research revealing how mangoes might also be of use in the battle against obesity. Separate teams of scientists from the US and Queensland say both the flesh and the skin of certain mango varieties play a role, inhibiting fat cell development and affecting how fat is metabolised by the body. Mangoes will ripen at room temperature, but should be wrapped and stored in the fridge once ripe.

Have a Great Weekend

I caught my first trout Monday

Barry caught two so we had enough for supper

although I haven’t caught them before

I’ve dressed many – trout are the easiest fish to clean

to late for you little fishes

usually we grill them but since there were only three

I just dusted them with cornmeal and flour and cayenne pepper

and fried em up in a skillet

bubble bubble bubble

I threw in a few potatoes too

yesterday Nash and I dug up some worms

and tried our luck again

Nash’s Mom Tiffany caught a sun perch

Nash reeled it in and we let it go

she caught a trout also, I caught two more

we ate them last night

I’ve got the fever now, so I’m going home and try it again

tea is good for health

All teas, whether black, green, oolong or white, are harvested from the leaves of a variety of plant known as the camellia sinensis. The primary distinction between the different teas is the amount of fermentation they undergo. Black teas are the most fermented, white teas the least. Herbal teas are not technically teas since they do not include camellia sinensis leaves.

All true teas contain polyphenols, powerful antioxidants believed to protect against heart disease, certain cancers and stroke.

The various levels of fermentation affect teas in different ways. Studies have shown that drinking green tea might boost metabolism, oolong teas can lower blood sugar and black teas can promote oral health.

Tea contains half the caffeine of coffee.

Tea is not just for drinking: it has been used for centuries in marinades and as a flavouring agent in dishes.

Do you crave chocolate?

You may lack phenylethylamine.
Cocoa, sugar, fat and caffeine – what’s not to love about chocolate? Here’s another reason: chocolate contains anandamide and tryptophan, substances which are essential for producing the mood-enhancing neurotransmitter serotonin.

More importantly, chocolate has phenylethylamine (PEA), a chemical that releases another neurotransmitter, dopamine, into the brain’s pleasure centres.

“Chocolate cravings are not unusual,” says Jim Campbell, a British forensic scientist and author of The Body Language of Health (written under the pen name of Hamish MacGregor), who adds that some people are particularly switched on to the urge to stimulate the reward centre in the brain.

Do you get a stuffy nose from red wine?

You could be deficient in molybdenum.
If you like a glass of wine at the end of the day, you could also be among the eight per cent who suffer from allergy-like symptoms such as stuffy noses, and minor skin rashes. One eighth of those cases are caused by a deficiency in the trace element molybdenum that can cause sensitivity to the sulfites in wine. The rest, says a 2010 Italian study, may be related to glycoproteins, proteins that cover sugar produced by fermentation.

The answer? Ask your doctor about a regime of molybdenum and copper, the combination of which must be carefully balanced since too much of one can cause a drop in the other.

lost and weak

African-American locks wants a considerable amount of time, fancy or therapy because of its penchant to generally be lost and weak. A few days subsequent to loosening up, possess a peptids reconstructor instead of just restorative. Being dressed in some sort of wig is also a good replacement of the restful frequently.

The prevailing confuse that most all women try to make by working with wigs mainly because don?¡¥t deal with their head of brazilian closure uk fit a few. You might be utilizing special care of the tresses if you take it easy or even texturize the item. With no additional care, head of hair will most likely break off and even drop out.

That?the cruel actual facts! Making flowing hair through that quite a bit additive refinement constantly doesn?¡¥t come without the need of outcome. Here?¡¥s give up smoking teaching you how to keep your flowing hair by a negative future.Likely thought your first thing that about to endorse will be to lower the cost your actual application of relaxers. Warm up your muscles the time amid administration to 8 to actually Nine many weeks.

There are actually remarkable pomades available on the market that can be used in order to flatten out and about almost any kinks an individual the best experience involving unwinding, just like Olive oyl Borders Influence by simply Healthy Heart Stimulator or else Hicks Is bordered by via Hicks Overall Transformations.

I wish you wouldn’t

Why? The old approach that says ‘energy in equals energy out’ is a physics equation. It doesn’t apply to biological organisms like people. You may think there are 400kJ in a piece of cake but that may be the equivalent of 800kJ in some people and 200kJ in others in terms of weight gain, depending on how they harvest the food and use the energy.

We believe now that one reason for this concerns the bacteria that live in our guts. In lean, healthy people these bacteria live in harmony but in obese people, the bad bacteria take over from the good. They get leaky guts and therefore a greater harvesting of food which results in fat being stored more readily.

What I’d like to see you do: Work on changing the bacteria colonisation of the gut. Stick to a wholefood, plant-based diet with a lot of fruit and vegetables and cut out or reduce animal meats and processed foods. Garry Egger, Professor of Lifestyle Medicine.