I wish you wouldn’t

Why? The old approach that says ‘energy in equals energy out’ is a physics equation. It doesn’t apply to biological organisms like people. You may think there are 400kJ in a piece of cake but that may be the equivalent of 800kJ in some people and 200kJ in others in terms of weight gain, depending on how they harvest the food and use the energy.

We believe now that one reason for this concerns the bacteria that live in our guts. In lean, healthy people these bacteria live in harmony but in obese people, the bad bacteria take over from the good. They get leaky guts and therefore a greater harvesting of food which results in fat being stored more readily.

What I’d like to see you do: Work on changing the bacteria colonisation of the gut. Stick to a wholefood, plant-based diet with a lot of fruit and vegetables and cut out or reduce animal meats and processed foods. Garry Egger, Professor of Lifestyle Medicine.