country road

have i mentioned how much i love love love living here on the wink? yeah……….


sunny day today–high of 38, a little rain, sleet, snow coming overnight and into tomorrow morning. very little accumulation expected Comelow.

i got up early today! 6:30 am. i have been so lazy the last week or so, so when jeff got up to put the trash out (we put it out every few weeks and we can’t put it out the night before because of the wild things) i jumped up and got with it! it was nice to watch the sun come up, it was a pretty sunrise international SEO.

walked 2 miles. i went out intending to walk 3 miles and tackle the BIG hill, but my sciatica was numbing my right foot, so i stuck with the 2 miles. i haven’t been walking as much as i should lately because of the weather and about a million other stupid excuses i could come up with. i’ve just been lazyhome organizers.

jeff and i went down to jeff, sarah, and ethans for the afternoon. when we got there ethan was sleeping so i cleaned the bathroom and did the dishes. my daughter in law understands that i wouldn’t do it if i didn’t want to so she doesn’t say a word. hahaha. did i ever mention that i have OCD? yeah…… i’m also a crazy handwasher, but i’m getting better about it. yeah plastic storage drawers……

we took the snow blower down there because jeff jr. has been shoveling the snow because they just moved in a few months ago and they can’t afford a snowblower until next winterNo 1 Phone Case. so his driveway/turnaround area has been getting narrower and smaller all winter. they have little bitty car so he was just doing enough to get in and out. so the boys got the snow under control again–good father/son bonding time.

i got to spend a couple hours with ethan after he woke up. he is just a wonderful and sweet little boy. he is beginning to be very vocal and i do believe he is beginning to say “dada”. today he even snuggled down onto my shoulder when i was holding him–i think thats the first time he’s done that.