I just wanted to know

Not sure where I came across this title, but it was a cheap or possibly even free from the Amazon Kindle Store. I will start by saying its not normally the kind of story I read so take that into consideration when you see my review of 2 stars. 2 stars seems a little harsh but 2 stars states the story “is okay” and for me that is what it was.
I did read it all the way to the end but will admit to skimming over parts because I just wanted to know how everyone ended up.

When I was reading this story I could picture it in my head like a tv drama. I think it was the infidelity that bothered me a bit (but I knew that is what this book was centered around before I read it), and the betrayal of friendship.

It was quite a sad tale really and therefore I didn’t really feel that the end was consistent with the rest of the book.