I don’t get offended easily

There have been very few occasions in my life in which, if I have nothing better to do, Go Organizethat I will stop having a conversation with someone, especially if that conversation is online. I’ve had many a conversation with people who choose to be inappropriately forward, or whatever it may bebest iphone cases.

At worst, I humor these people, and find what they have to say business vpn servicefunny (I don’t get offended easily). At best, I actually enjoy the conversationchina study.

Recently, I was telling a friend about a chat I was  having (online) with a person who is generally very forward, and what I would consider…inappropriate. The chat itself wasn’t inappropriate, but my friend prompted me to stop chatting with this person.

I thought that was strange, especially considering I will chat with really otterboxanyone. I’ve actually been called someones “hero” for my replies (yes, I’m that awesome at bolt embroiderycomebacks