I saw a large mulberry in the yard on the ground, quickly rush past, happily picked up, and the windows of Liu Yu Yu yell, Liu Yuyu, your home mulberry lost one, why don’t you pick up, Liu in the room busily, say, you pick it., we could not eat, the tree can also pick, I pick up even more to be in the right and self-confident, more cheerful.

After more than a week, I came back from the outside, after the mulberry, to pick up a small handful of

Today is over, with bamboo knock off a lot of -

Liu Yuyu is scattered in the folk of Hua Xianzi, she has a natural affinity with the flowers, she had several large pot of flowers around the house, are growing to a wild profusion of vegetation, vigorous, two pots of rose petals is even more magical, dense overlapping, level well-proportioned, open tender yellow Hua Jiaoyan and luxury, and the peony is not inferior compared to where, these flowers placed on the stairs, adorn our ordinary days, import the stairs we will first look at them.

Liu Yuyu in front of the house was a tall trees, do not know from that day on, I don’t know why, it’s the lush foliage starts at one point one off, finally only withered branches, then, branches or sing sing kid falling to the earth, the remaining body aging alone stubborn support loss of life, body function, slowly began to tilt to the west, the bark is also begins to send black hair dark, look at it this way, we know, its life time distance not far, feel helpless and sad,

This tree with our ten years of trees, has brought us a lot of comfort and cool -

Coming back from work every day, neighborhood met, is not in a hurry to go home, but stood under the tree chat, tease the child, or comment on the shade of the basin of Chinese rose, have a look which buds open, which one will take several days to bloom, ordinary day in this have a pleasant talk together. At ease across, it must abandon us, really sad.

We call the relevant personnel to diagnosis and treatment, but also did not say what the road, there is no good way to anything, because if one day the tree does not support collapsed injured person, unit leaders called migrant workers saw the tree trunk, empty out of place as a large scar, very dazzling, trees with the scars left its traces of life, reminiscent of it live better.

Liu Yuyu to comfort you, just near the tree planted two trees, still in her backyard door also planted two trees, mulberry deliver the goods grows very fast, very fast string to two or three m tall, I often fascinated with small mulberry, imagine if oneself can be as long as a little bit of mulberry.