Red rain

Drizzle, to support an oil paper umbrella, walking in the misty rain Changjiang Delta spring, inner desire for a beautiful life. The season of dreams I play in Jiangnan through smoke, rain, rain flooding.

Amidst the flying like line, in the breeze strokes with gentle curves, gently on the body becomes miss, recounting the lovesickness, pour out the lingering sentiments.

The rain floating floating, falls to the ground, slowly gathered together the thoughts of water droplets, and there seems to be no end of the line, a head of the acacia, a hanging hope. Miss the lost water Hua year, looking forward to have a familiar figure in the rain came, a smile is filled with love.

The rain like smoke, dust like a dream, misty rain, holding paper umbrella slowly expects you to appear. In this world, the dream in night in hope to hold you. Amidst the dream seemed to see a figure who dressed in long skirts, graceful figure, light as a swallow. Fine embroidered with printed skirt, color bright, lace skirt increasingly highlights her figure graceful. The skirt is printed with beautiful flowers seem to for its owner complained that smoke shower has lovesickness suffering.