Rural scenery

At the moment, I had thrown to the sky, because the lost generation, my original business plan forget to clean. But the small but still regret, regret not superposition. I know, he is to me was originally planned to go to the factory negotiate business time will be affected. In fact, this is not necessary, at this moment, what can be better for me to stand on the soft grass of the field, sucking the sun shade leaves the fragrant scent of summer, Youran hope in the deep blue sky in the daydream, or as the appreciation of classical works like staring at the bright eye color farm homes, in slightly in the air, and let the shadows of the whirling arbitrarily dance drama in my body, let it never tired of cicada freely singing my life unforgettable childhood minor in my ears…… I marveled at the northern village of quiet beauty, she give me is quiet and comfort of a completely is not the interpretation of floating in the air.
I know, my companion small high is completely couldn’t understand my feelings at the moment, he has already entered the noon sleep in the car.
I also understand, why the lonely in small village will let my heart feel so cordial moved? This is because she stand aloof from worldly success, live better who clean style, because she is after all, simple nature natural tones.
Yes, all this is not my years of desire, hope you. I hope I can often close with nature and Xin He, get yourself some more calm, less impetuous, more frank, less hypocritical, like this lets the human love in small villages to the lovely, give a person with nature.
I really like this immersed in summer scent in the remote north village.