Like occasionally in the sky only a bird, or in the clouds is faint shadows, or the sky overhead bold with wings; for this mysterious fluctuation, temporary called love.

In a large space inside, a great, aloft when there is wind, the air, this is to get the feel of the.

More misty point, bus pass by village of paddy fields, see the layers of yellow green hue, suddenly feel the charm of color, feel suddenly is a legend in the so-called ‘artist’; and the summer when, one day I stand I live in a small town, 30 story building no obscuration, eyeful only city layer upon layer of well-proportioned house, and the distant horizon blue sky, white clouds crisp powder. I see, in this world, in fact, is rich and colorful.

I find I can think of all the colors.

Blue roof, the roof of the roof of orange, yellow, red roofs, white roof, many colors exist everywhere, dotted with, filled with colorful; red mud, green trees, blue sky, and the sun is going down, the roof of the city began to become sparkled.

I love nature and all the beautiful things. I like it.

I said, all things, all kinds of people full of our life; sometimes a touch of bright eyes, gave me a temporary stop, but good things in the world are.

Remember high school or junior high school thought political lesson, within the book tells a story between Socrates and his apprentice, probably through a field of wheat only pick one pick yourself think wheat out best cluster, and through the woods to fold the best tree branches, and through the garden to pick from think the most beautiful flowers; these things should not go into details, the truths all understand, grasp the chance, young; don’t be nervous, life is beautiful. I always think so, life is beautiful, the future is bright.

All my love I have. I like it.

Man, why there will be.

Read a book before, there are people said, the reason why we exist, because we itself; that is because we exist, so only for what we will have this problem; some abstruse, or one may be discussed, I am not an expert, but also not much to explain this thing.


I’m afraid that these two words. Because I actually very confused, what love is, what is love. So I also fear to touch it, experience it, had be rather baffling at the time of the so-called “love”, but I wanted to think, it is not love. What is love, how to contact him. Good is a place in people’s belief on the altar for people look forward to the “gods”, but people explain something more artistic or more elegant and more civilized words, the so-called love. I was looking forward to his appearance. Perhaps in a familiar street, listening to familiar songs, then a familiar figure touch your heart, that kind of love is perhaps the love.

Love. I also vaguely stubbornly believe that he exists, I look forward to.

A red bean to Acacia, three two wine to worry. While some feeling more like a paranoid to writing performance.

There are many kinds of emotion, can not be represented in language, will only display some weak and pale. My words, just one point of failure to sing a song.

Bank of Xiamen

Follow the direction of heart to travel

When the destination hotel, is the night.

In the hotel front desk brought real card, on the third floor, so I give up the elevator go straight staircase, try to slowly recover from his way in a state of drowsiness, and want to quickly remove the road nearly ten hour trip. To lay down their luggage, I sit on the bed, mouth slightly up, I think in the city where you are now, I just want to shout of laughter.

This night, repeatedly poking mobile phone, want to dial? Toss and turn restlessly, free in the dial not dial fought, hard to sleep. The first light of dawn is coming quietly in my sleepy and unable to sleep anxiety, landed softly on the balcony.

Nan Putuo

Today is a good day. Sunny.

Good morning. Xiamen.

Said the South Putuo, North redsui, South Putuo temple is one of Xiamen famous ancient temples, sitting south, mountains and sea, as one of the Buddhist resort. Temple is the three Temple: King Hall, main hall, the Great Mercy Temple; Temple Wu laofeng is Xiamen one of the eight scenic spots, five peak screen Li, Matsutake Midoriiku, beautiful cliff big pool, have “fame” Xiao Ling “. Southern Putuo is an attractive place, is a vegetarian, the vegetable dish with pure and elegant flavor renowned at home and abroad, the best is to belong to “a Shen Jiang”, when Guo Moruo visit southern Putuo wrote a poem, “I have the cloud from Zhoushan, Putuo and Putuo. Natural rocks and trees, deep regret over the title. Half of the bottom, the peak into the eye socket. Three Huai Tong Da Dao, “meaning how?” So, “hence the name half Shen Jiang”. Joy is near the South Putuo temple and with garden atmosphere of the Xiamen University, said Xiamen University is one of the most beautiful campus in China, have to let people eager for a glimpse, but unfortunately I can only take it as the background is a photo.

The road around the island

Although miss the beautiful Xiamen University let my heart is unwilling, but with the Buddhist resort of admiration and carries on my wishful peace and ambition, I still be reluctant to part to bid farewell to the south of Putuo, the next stop on the hasty. On the road around the island, I am really impressed, different scenery bring a different surprise, especially at Linhai to see the sea, let a person be overjoyed. The road around the island is Xiamen Huanhai one of the scenic road, is one of the International Year recognized marathon runway. It is the mountain and the sea, over sea bridge, in the stone drill, let a person look at the Xiamen unique subtropical scenery features without residual. Along the way there are many sculptures, such as “Gulangyu Islet,” sea wave “meditation”, “marathon” sculpture “the flower”, during which there are calligraphy square, “island Heron mind, show the sea feeling” as the theme, and the use of “to the paper, with a sea of ink”. Meter technique, make full use of and integration to the “sea” as the characteristics of the natural landscape. The most surprising than 3KM long walks on the sea Yanwu bridge, you tried more than the sea Ling such sharp relaxation and the pleasure?

The old tree

In life there are always some memory for people to forget, she is like a cool summer wind gently blowing; and as the sun shines in my heart; and if a piece of green in the heart of flash fresh. I often miss my hometown grandma at home in front of the old tree, it give me many happy childhood, it gave me the childhood many tender feelings, it gave me a lot of warm childhood, it gave me many childhood reveriesteel storage cabinets.

My parents are very busy, they give me to grandma. Grandma tasks besides cookingSamsung Note 3 cases, is to our grandchildren. Grandma let us big brother, sister, sister to play with little brother. Grandma’s house and house are thatched cottage. The old tree in the front room and the southeast, few people can embrace. The wheat heading, old tree will open up the sweet white. We do brother, sister will climb a tree or get a ladder pick flowers, brother and sister are in the following to the basket with flowerswaterproof iphone case. They look at us in the above said to us: “you can’t eat.” We can ignore them, secretly into his mouth some good, tender, clean the pagoda. We in the tree is said to them: “you do not eat.” They will pick some flowers sent to her mouth. We picked half basket tree flowers for grandmother, grandmother or dumplings or flipping sophora flower cake reward usscrapbooking storage.

During the day, we are in the home on the night of play, the old tree, we Wai hearing her story in her. Grandma shaking Pushan told us folk legend. I’m rarely remember her legend. Now I only remember one – it was Wu Gang and the goddess of the moon. Whenever grandma telling the legend, grandma interest is very high, and said Wu Gang and goddess in the moon. I am very curious. Grandma said: “usually you cannot see them, only in August fifteen to seewittspartners.” When in August 15 the Mid Autumn Festival, I always without blinking an eye staring at the moon, I hope to be able to see Wu Gang and the goddess of the moon, I can not see how someone. I always say: “grandma, I can’t see them, that Wu Gang and the goddess of the moon?” Grandma always refers to the month shadow said: “take a good look, is that Wu Gang is cutting the sweet scented osmanthus tree with an axe! It is the goddess of the moon hugging Yutu!” I can only believe her words. But I often ask some fantastic problem grandmother: “grandmother, how do you know that Wu Gang, the goddess of the moon? The sweet scented osmanthus trees grow wellWomen fashion, why does Wu Gang want to cut the sweet scented osmanthus trees? The goddess of the moon and Wu Gang eat or not? The moon is only Wu Gang and Chang two people? Wu Gang, is it right? Very handsome? The goddess of the moon is it right? Beautiful? The goddess of the moon have a son and Wu Gang, have a daughter?” At that time, I do not know the goddess of the moon was the wife of Hou Yi. Grandma rarely answer me, just say: “Dear grandchild, when you grow up, you will naturally understand!” How I hope to grow up, by plane on the moon have a look, I wish I had wings like a bird to the moon to see. Sometimes I would look at the distance flying birds, automatic speaking asked the bird: “the bird you is it right? From the moon, you see Wu Gang and goddess in the moon? You and Wu Gang the speech?” Childhood that grandma in the folklore, happy to spend. I always think the sky is beautiful in the moon.

Now the old tree home because of one of my uncle house matter already planing, grandma died three years ago with a day. Now the old tree and grandma only in a dream and they meet, but the old tree and grandma will not disappear in my heart. Because they give me joy, give me warm, give me the wonderful time. Especially grandma let me grow wings of imagination. Always have this picture in my mind: grandma sat in a few people can hold back under the tree, waving the fan, I sat beside her. Is listening to her say Wu Gang and Chang,,,,,,, grandma in the laughter, the old tree also laugh, we laugh, laugh too sweet,,,,,,.