A total of the night

A thousand miles, there are you in dream, in our hearts. For me, the scenery along the way and then the United States Domestic Helpe, is not worth you gazing at the gentle. What hope, you see the world hundred Cha, can still love me amorous feelings.

As long as you are in me, the most beautiful scenery will have been on the road, in the heart.

Perhaps, the past, you in the southern willow shore headphone amp, rocked the folding fan, poetry and pacing, caught my eye, so I just past; perhaps, preexistence, I in the South Lane in the rain, under an oil paper umbrella, faint forward, arouse your love, so love lock this life. Although the road, between you and me rain heavily, until meet, have met too late, the wind was vaguely cream tears, but no matter how, paddling sound here, you and I held each other’s hand, then, we hold the happiness.

That day, I just a casual glance, you will fall like the sea in my soulful eyes; you only a Ningmou smile, your name I will write in the heart lake nuhart, Yang lotus flowers.

Do you not know? Ever since the night you and I exchange solemn vows and pledges, hook and sealed, I a woman to spend the mind has no longer anyone swaying, immeasurably vast difference, my gentle feelings just waiting for you to read.

You are I can not give up the love. This life, I LAN refers to fiddle, Fu Jian splash ink, only for the * * * * you earnestly Acacia, deep sea; this life, I burn incense to Buddha, self-cultivation, only for each loop can meet you, an invariant generation after generation of love.

If, in the future of every world, I will be with my memory, you are invited to come, waiting for you to hold my hand, together, Lan Zhou to spring wave, willow shore for Flute, Fenglin in fall red, the view of snow…… You promised me you, I promise you The End of Life.

You, no matter what the who, I don’t want you to official thick bunk, don’t you were rich, I as long as you can with sincerity and truth and my relative, I just do what you love story in each life only, so, ok!

You say, this life, you must never abandon me, whatever the flower, you will not let me cry for you.

You say, this life, you will be my love of the harbor, even back in the Fangfei, you also will I planted beans I pick.

You say, this life, you only you and I go to Wuzhen, wear Gu Xiang, according to Shi Qiao, the oars, tea, in the quiet days, according to a spring sunshine, with a fragrance.

You say, this life, you only you and me go to the desert, after the old Langyan, search of ancient Kroraina, see the Millennium undeniable euphratica, in every inch of time hours, only forever, not separation.

If a ruler does not leave, I will not abandon. Love you, this is my life the most want to do! You remember, Liu smoke vaguely port, will always have my heart waiting for you crazy “.

There are you, the heart is no longer lonely, cold. Because there is love, the heart from then on, I no longer whisper: “standing alone in the chilly west wind, Xiao Xiao leaves close scanty window”. Until next time meet, I think, it must be “dance low willow building heart month, song all the peach blossom fan bottom wind”.

Gentleman, I wish all of these for you. Rachel, polyester, a woman, in the depths of red dust, faint fragrance.

Vanity of spirit, I only wish, songs of light, the oars, smile Ning eyebrow, a dress in Jiangnan willow smoke, and you love the mixture……