I do not know

Drunk in the late autumn, more will be drunk in thoughts thronged one ‘s mind., fresh and free from vulgarity, aloof and elegant, full of yellow goose sound more forest “”. More “Shuangye red flowers in February” – like than the stage. Spring late autumn beauty, is not only the bright color! It is cold and the wind coexist, far see maple in autumn Wanshan popular, lie in Montreal golden dyes. It is still blue water of the creek, still so fresh, with a bright and cheerful, quiet quiet.

Has impressed in the spring in a riot of colour, more will be dumped in the autumn fruits, in different poses and with different expressions. Although soaked autumn Xiao Mu, most people are always melancholy and moody. But it is the harvest scenery, a piece of information, all quiet, enjoy, enjoy a taste. This beautiful, like the inclusion of all things, is more like the epitome of human mind. A freehand brushwork, million painting can not be perfect autumn graph expression!

Spring sunny and warm, lazy people like fat like, don’t want to move. But the cool autumn, but always let people awake, autumn Xiao Mu, also always give a person with calm, make you feel comfortable, looked qishuang. If the four seasons with legend color, but this colorful varied, colorful, people will be fascinated, make the person aftertaste, tender.

I will use colorful brush, paint the colorful life. In the colorful world of fantasy, but also because of a lot of transcendence, but more and more people inebriated haze, miss. Beyond themselves, beyond the dream.

Drunk drunk in the autumn autumn, more colorful, undertake the joy of harvest, experience after the hard work earned the joy.

Drunk fall 寰宇家庭
, more so in the autumn that convergence in the best, the quiet beauty of art, too wonderful for words.

Preference is always not the words, want to have dreams alive.