His dialogue

In life, friends, is bound to be some disagreement debate, finally I want to say is: you just told myself in the dialogueHong Kong VPN.

We often hear: howl, he, mutual influence is commonplace, just your unconscious and slowly evolved into another he, you don’t know, you can’t do it. But the funny thing is you will inherit his thought and behavior, is to meet you now the so-called glory. I know you like this have no idea even always copy others, in my eyes you are what a tragedy. Of course, you can make any debate for your foolish behavior, I also can be used as you make fun of himselfstorage solution.

The friendship sometimes not to love to say, be in the present social class was the capital, we all become self, clear, interest. Conversation will be thinking of my share to which relates to the tastepolo shirts on sale, not all my ideas are one one report to you, even if I said you do not listen, even with my personality, you know we usually talk about are based on living, because I knew, this kind of you will be receiving this belongs to “Wulitou” character’s existence, so you also feel funny, happy. This is you, you are in a conversation with himself, is different, potentially more with you as like as two peas a you, but also more image, hit off the pleasure to youfinancial. So I’ll high opinion, knowledge, culture, you never touched, I can only Local Courierregret and you think that the so-called “fun”.

I once said: a group of people with no progress, will slowly be solitary charged, even from the group one day is coming, they don’t feel than you will reject you, no, but your inferiority to tell you himself too miserabledvd storage, too backward! You can’t afford to join their activities, their conversation with the words you don’t understand their behavior, you will feel strange or serious, so you really can not afford to go the distance. Even if you doubt yourself from another planet, not a tune. Then you know, you know, the cruel reality than you imagine is terrible, then you select exit. Back to their own world, there is no comparison, where nobody asked you have good and bad. You may also unwilling to fall, you progress in learning, you even think: I will surpass your day.

Red rain

Drizzle, to support an oil paper umbrella, walking in the misty rain Changjiang Delta spring, inner desire for a beautiful life. The season of dreams I play in Jiangnan through smoke, rain, rain flooding.

Amidst the flying like line, in the breeze strokes with gentle curves, gently on the body becomes miss, recounting the lovesickness, pour out the lingering sentiments.

The rain floating floating, falls to the ground, slowly gathered together the thoughts of water droplets, and there seems to be no end of the line, a head of the acacia, a hanging hope. Miss the lost water Hua year, looking forward to have a familiar figure in the rain came, a smile is filled with love.

The rain like smoke, dust like a dream, misty rain, holding paper umbrella slowly expects you to appear. In this world, the dream in night in hope to hold you. Amidst the dream seemed to see a figure who dressed in long skirts, graceful figure, light as a swallow. Fine embroidered with printed skirt, color bright, lace skirt increasingly highlights her figure graceful. The skirt is printed with beautiful flowers seem to for its owner complained that smoke shower has lovesickness suffering.


I saw a large mulberry in the yard on the ground, quickly rush past, happily picked up, and the windows of Liu Yu Yu yell, Liu Yuyu, your home mulberry lost one, why don’t you pick up, Liu in the room busily, say, you pick it., we could not eat, the tree can also pick, I pick up even more to be in the right and self-confident, more cheerful.

After more than a week, I came back from the outside, after the mulberry, to pick up a small handful of

Today is over, with bamboo knock off a lot of -

Liu Yuyu is scattered in the folk of Hua Xianzi, she has a natural affinity with the flowers, she had several large pot of flowers around the house, are growing to a wild profusion of vegetation, vigorous, two pots of rose petals is even more magical, dense overlapping, level well-proportioned, open tender yellow Hua Jiaoyan and luxury, and the peony is not inferior compared to where, these flowers placed on the stairs, adorn our ordinary days, import the stairs we will first look at them.

Liu Yuyu in front of the house was a tall trees, do not know from that day on, I don’t know why, it’s the lush foliage starts at one point one off, finally only withered branches, then, branches or sing sing kid falling to the earth, the remaining body aging alone stubborn support loss of life, body function, slowly began to tilt to the west, the bark is also begins to send black hair dark, look at it this way, we know, its life time distance not far, feel helpless and sad,

This tree with our ten years of trees, has brought us a lot of comfort and cool -

Coming back from work every day, neighborhood met, is not in a hurry to go home, but stood under the tree chat, tease the child, or comment on the shade of the basin of Chinese rose, have a look which buds open, which one will take several days to bloom, ordinary day in this have a pleasant talk together. At ease across, it must abandon us, really sad.

We call the relevant personnel to diagnosis and treatment, but also did not say what the road, there is no good way to anything, because if one day the tree does not support collapsed injured person, unit leaders called migrant workers saw the tree trunk, empty out of place as a large scar, very dazzling, trees with the scars left its traces of life, reminiscent of it live better.

Liu Yuyu to comfort you, just near the tree planted two trees, still in her backyard door also planted two trees, mulberry deliver the goods grows very fast, very fast string to two or three m tall, I often fascinated with small mulberry, imagine if oneself can be as long as a little bit of mulberry.

I don’t get offended easily

There have been very few occasions in my life in which, if I have nothing better to do, Go Organizethat I will stop having a conversation with someone, especially if that conversation is online. I’ve had many a conversation with people who choose to be inappropriately forward, or whatever it may bebest iphone cases.

At worst, I humor these people, and find what they have to say business vpn servicefunny (I don’t get offended easily). At best, I actually enjoy the conversationchina study.

Recently, I was telling a friend about a chat I was hair treatment having (online) with a person who is generally very forward, and what I would consider…inappropriate. The chat itself wasn’t inappropriate, but my friend prompted me to stop chatting with this person.

I thought that was strange, especially considering I will chat with really otterboxanyone. I’ve actually been called someones “hero” for my replies (yes, I’m that awesome at bolt embroiderycomebacks

I struggled with life

I was back on the medication. I didn’t feel different. I went through 5 different doctors from the time I was diagnosed to the time I graduated high school. Some times they would take me off the medication purposely for their tests, only for me to gain more weight. Most of the time I couldn’t remember to take my daily pill, and the biggest reason for that was I didn’t feel anything whether I was on the medication or off.

There was no validation that it worked, so I wasn’t reinforced to take it. I was still at home then, so although I couldn’t remember, my mom did a pretty good job of reminding me to take it.

When I got to college it was a whole different story. I couldn’t ever remember to take my medication, and because of that, my hair started to fall out more than it ever had, and I could barely keep my eyes open. The fatigue was overwhelming, and I struggled with life itself until my junior year of college.

I gained 50 lbs my freshman year, handfuls of hair came out every time I showered, and I couldn’t wake up for class. I was so extremely tired that I spent 12 hours a day sleeping and I still couldn’t function during the day. Mixed with outside stresses, I failed all but one class my fall semester of sophomore year.

the real estate market

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an October harvest


One spring I planted corn too early in a bottomland so flood-prone thatneighbors laughed. I felt chagrined at the wasted effort. Summer turned brutal– the worst heat wave and drought in my lifetime. The air-conditioner died,the well went dry, the … Continue reading

I WILL like my rocks

Someone posted this quote recently, and I copied it down for future reference: “If you’re gonna be different, you’re gonna be hit with rocks. So learn to like rocks.” -Joshua Homme

A week or so ago I had the idea to really take hold of this concept and use it in a more “fleshed out” way. In the wake of the most difficult decision of my life, I am definitely being hit with rocks; and I know there is plenty more pain and difficulty to come.

But I want to try turning the negatives into positives as often as I can, not letting them impede my progress. So I’m gathering rocks and re-naming them. Here is a list of my re-named rocks thus far, 4 days into this new part of my journey…

I WILL be positive. I WILL like my rocks

I just wanted to know

Not sure where I came across this title, but it was a cheap or possibly even free from the Amazon Kindle Store. I will start by saying its not normally the kind of story I read so take that into consideration when you see my review of 2 stars. 2 stars seems a little harsh but 2 stars states the story “is okay” and for me that is what it was.
I did read it all the way to the end but will admit to skimming over parts because I just wanted to know how everyone ended up.

When I was reading this story I could picture it in my head like a tv drama. I think it was the infidelity that bothered me a bit (but I knew that is what this book was centered around before I read it), and the betrayal of friendship.

It was quite a sad tale really and therefore I didn’t really feel that the end was consistent with the rest of the book.

country road

have i mentioned how much i love love love living here on the wink? yeah……….


sunny day today–high of 38, a little rain, sleet, snow coming overnight and into tomorrow morning. very little accumulation expected Comelow.

i got up early today! 6:30 am. i have been so lazy the last week or so, so when jeff got up to put the trash out (we put it out every few weeks and we can’t put it out the night before because of the wild things) i jumped up and got with it! it was nice to watch the sun come up, it was a pretty sunrise international SEO.

walked 2 miles. i went out intending to walk 3 miles and tackle the BIG hill, but my sciatica was numbing my right foot, so i stuck with the 2 miles. i haven’t been walking as much as i should lately because of the weather and about a million other stupid excuses i could come up with. i’ve just been lazyhome organizers.

jeff and i went down to jeff, sarah, and ethans for the afternoon. when we got there ethan was sleeping so i cleaned the bathroom and did the dishes. my daughter in law understands that i wouldn’t do it if i didn’t want to so she doesn’t say a word. hahaha. did i ever mention that i have OCD? yeah…… i’m also a crazy handwasher, but i’m getting better about it. yeah plastic storage drawers……

we took the snow blower down there because jeff jr. has been shoveling the snow because they just moved in a few months ago and they can’t afford a snowblower until next winterNo 1 Phone Case. so his driveway/turnaround area has been getting narrower and smaller all winter. they have little bitty car so he was just doing enough to get in and out. so the boys got the snow under control again–good father/son bonding time.

i got to spend a couple hours with ethan after he woke up. he is just a wonderful and sweet little boy. he is beginning to be very vocal and i do believe he is beginning to say “dada”. today he even snuggled down onto my shoulder when i was holding him–i think thats the first time he’s done that.